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Back at the beginning of the year, I decided to participate in the I Dig Reading Challenge hosted by Katharine Owens (The Insect Collector). The challenge was this: pledge to make a donation to a charity of my choice for each book I read during 2011. I decided I could afford to pledge $1 per book, and with 40 books read during 2011, I owe one lucky charity 40 bucks.

Picking a charity to donate to can be difficult--especially with so many shams and scams out there. So I was very interested in the special report, Sharing in the USA, that came with the USA Today the hotel left by my door the other day. The section gave a long list of reputable charities (which I shall not repeat here because it is a very long list) and it also alerted me to the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, which sets high standards for charities and evaluates "charity governance, finances, fund raising practices, website disclosures and donor privacy." Reputable charities can display the BBB Accredited Charity seal, so you know that your donations are getting to the people (or animals!) who need them. You can visit www.give.org for more information and to find a charity that needs your donation.

As for me, two of my close family members were diagnosed with cancer this year, so picking a charity to donate to was an easy choice. I'll be donating $40 to the American Cancer Society.

And just a heads up: I'll probably be taking a bit of a blogging hiatus for the next few weeks. Holidays, edits, critting, and hopefully drafting my new WIP will be keeping me on my toes, but I'll definitely be back in 2012 (egads!) with surprises and fun galore. Mark your calendars for February 3rd, because I'll be hosting a fun blog fest that just might have some awesome prizes attached to it.

In the mean time,
MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone's holidays are filled with love, laughter, and lots of books!
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